Safe and efficient school transportation software

Give every child the opportunity to take safe transportation to school. It’s possible with Busology Tech.

Busology Tech Solutions

Routing and Scheduling

Engage in smart scheduling and respond to change easily and quickly.

GPS Tracking

Activate real-time communication and collect data that tells the real story. 

Student Ridership and Attendance

Track ridership and attendance accurately for immediate peace of mind.

Fleet Maintenance and Management

Ensure your fleet is in peak condition.

School Bus Navigation System

Improve on-time performance and driver satisfaction by keeping mapping simple.

Driver Electronic Timesheets

Digitally track driver hours from timesheet to paycheque. It’s seamless and efficient.

Field Trip Management

Plan and execute field trips seamlessly and efficiently.


Collect the right data and make better decisions for you business.

Pre- and Post-Trip Inspection

Plan inspection activities ahead of time, and ensure the safety of your fleet.


Real-time information and communication at your fingertips

Who We Serve

We are proud to serve school districts, including public and private schools of all sizes, special needs transportation providers, and transit agencies.

Ensuring that all children have access to safe and on-time transportation to school is what drives us.

What do our customers have to say?

Learn how a single vendor approach results in smooth integration with “plug and play” ease in the West Fargo School District.

Learn how the parent app impacts security, reliability, and efficiency at this school district.

Learn how the implementation of Busology Tech’s (previously TripSpark) GPS tracking solution allowed this school district to gain significant efficiencies and better communicate with parents.

Let's transform the way school transportation is delivered - together

Our mission Is to work with you to give all children the opportunity for safe and reliable school transportation.

Get Real-time information and make the right decisions

Busology’s powerful reporting solution can provide you with insights like run times or excessive idling; planned vs. actual arrival times; how your routes have evolved over time; and so much more.

Even better, you can build your own custom reports to suit your specific needs. Because the data we collect is stored in the cloud, you’ll have access to two years of historical information that you can access from anywhere.

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