Enhancing Bus Tracking Accuracy and Maintenance Efficiency with Busology Tech

Warco Transportation highlights


As a cherished family-owned business, Warco Transportation is located in Wisconsin and has been in the transportation industry for over 60 years. With an unwavering commitment to exceeding customers’ expectations, Warco epitomizes the value of service and safety.

The Challenge

One of the primary challenges Tom, the president at Warco, faced with their previous software solution was tracking the fleet, which proved to be a persistent obstacle. Additionally, their previous bus tracking system exhibited inconsistency, often showing buses in motion and indicating stops that had been initially programmed but later removed on the extracurricular trips. These inaccuracies in data presentation created confusion and disrupted operational efficiency, which led to several calls from anxious parents to inquire about the bus’s arrival time and their children’s safety.

The Solution

Tom was looking for a solution that encompasses safety, efficiency, and communication. This was when he came across Viafy software by Busology Tech, the ultimate one-stop solution that addressed all Warco’s needs and requirements. Tom was impressed by Viafy’s routing capabilities and the Parent App. The number of calls from parents reduced once the Viafy software was implemented, as it gave parents and school administrators real-time visibility into the bus’s location and arrival time.

“The Viafy solution by Busology Tech stood out to us because of its Parent App. One big thing about the Parent app was visibility; parents can now see the bus in real-time. Their Parent App is amazing.”

The Impact

Warco experienced fewer calls from anxious parents, which alleviated a significant source of stress. Moreover, with the maintenance solution, they could monitor potential issues or engine warnings in real-time, which enhanced their operational efficiency and safety standards and ensured proactive measures could be taken if necessary. The Viafy solution’s ease of use and effectiveness had an overwhelmingly positive impact on Tom and his team.

The Results

Warco Transportation saw a remarkable improvement in efficiency after implementing Viafy software as a service by Busology Tech. The easy-to-use, intuitive, and scalable solution has created a long and lasting positive impact on Tom and his team at Warco Transportation.