Busology Tech Accomplished Thomas County Schools’ Primary Goal

Introduction Thomas County Schools is committed to providing the safest, most consistent, and most reliable transportation. The safety of their students is a top priority because everyone with a stake in it—students, parents, teachers, administrators, drivers, and community members—has a role. The Challenge With the constantly changing world, the main concern for Robert, the Route […]

Easy integration leads to successful GPS tracking solution implementation

Introduction West Fargo public schools has a clear mission statement. Their operation is “committed to providing student transportation services in a safe, timely, and respectful manner while maintaining a supportive and courteous presence in the community.” The Challenge In order to enhance service and safety, streamline their operations, and become more efficient, Transportation Director Bradley […]

How the Red Clay School District improved customer service and communication with parents

Introduction The Red Clay Consolidated School District, Delaware’s largest, has over 16,000 students and the school bus operation transports about 80% of those students on approximately 157 school buses. The District is home to nationally recognized educators, award-winning schools and programs, and a thriving community of educational partners. The Challenge The District has been dealing […]