Busology Tech Accomplished Thomas County Schools’ Primary Goal


Thomas County Schools is committed to providing the safest, most consistent, and most reliable transportation. The safety of their students is a top priority because everyone with a stake in it—students, parents, teachers, administrators, drivers, and community members—has a role.

The Challenge

With the constantly changing world, the main concern for Robert, the Route Director, was unrecognized safety issues with bus-to-bus stops. The primary goal and mission at Thomas County Schools was to ensure their student safety. They were also looking for software with efficient operations and the capacity to collect accurate data.

The Solution

Robert was looking for a software solution that could help tackle all the challenges that Thomas County Schools was facing, and this was when he discovered Viafy by Busology Tech. With its tracking feature, Robert and his team could accurately monitor bus locations and access diagnostic information seamlessly on their computer. The AI route creator tool became an invaluable asset for Robert, his team, and drivers as it provided accurate route data.

“Since implementing Viafy software, our bus routes are now well organized, allowing us to operate more efficiently and safely. The support staff has been excellent throughout the usage of Viafy solution.”

The Impact

With the seamless integration of the Viafy solution at Thomas County Schools, Robert and his team are now more organized with their route planning and student data. The implementation has not only streamlined the navigation of routes for substitute drivers but has also empowered the team to provide accurate and timely information to parents inquiring about bus stop times and locations. Overall, Viafy has made their lives easier and more efficient.

The Results

As mentioned by Robert, Viafy solution by Busology Tech has improved the effectiveness and efficiency of their transportation department’s operations.

“I have and will continue to share your web-based transportation solutions with my colleagues in the South West Georgia District. I would like to thank the team for their ongoing support of the Thomas County Schools Transportation Department.”