What is the key to delivering a safe, on-time school bus service that all children can ride? Communication.​

Get real-time information and make the right decisions

The Busology apps provide real-time information to schools, parents, drivers, and transit agencies so they can effortlessly communicate with each other and create efficiencies across the school busing ecosystem.

The Parent App

Deliver peace of mind and stress-free mornings and afternoons to parents and call centers. Real-time bus status information at caregivers’ fingertips means a reduction in calls to schools and transportation agencies.

  • Stay warm and dry longer, knowing exactly when the bus will arrive
  • Spend more time with your family instead of at the bus stop, waiting
  • Quickly check to make sure your child caught the bus before and after school
  • Receive alerts letting you know if a bus will be delayed either on your phone or on your PC.

Who should use this app?




What is the key to delivering a safe, on-time school bus service that all children can ride? Communication.

The Administration App

Respond confidently to parent inquiries, and communicate effectively with students waiting for a bus to take them home at the end of the day. With real-time information at your fingertips, managing the school bus ecosystem is easy.

  • Clearly view the status of all buses on one screen
  • Advise parents with confidence on school bus status and routes; enable parents and students to program proximity alerts which automatically advise them of where their bus is
  • Receive up-to-the-moment updates for information in real-time, including school bus substitution numbers

Who should use this app?

School administrators

Call Centers

Let's transform the way school transportation is delivered - together

The Driver App

With clear visuals and real-time data, any guesswork is eliminated. Drivers and management alike can easily see working hours and adherence to safety protocols.

  • Simplify payroll and reporting
  • Ensure well-being of operators and compliance with protocols
  • Improve communication between drivers and management
  • Closely monitor your vehicle operators

Who should use this app?

Workforce Managers


Who We Serve

We are proud to serve school districts, including public and private schools of all sizes, special needs transportation providers, and transit agencies.