Custody Agreements and Calendar-based School Bus Transportation Software

Depending on the state in which your school district is located, the task of getting kids to and from their homes may have gotten a little more complicated. As a transportation provider to K-12 students, you may already be dealing with multiple drop off and pick up locations of your student riders. Here’s why Busology Tech’s K-12 transportation software with a calendar-based scheduling system is essential for keeping everything organized. 

K-12 Transportation Software for Advanced Planning: 

The best way to maintain quality service is to have everything planned out well in advance so there are fewer surprises along the way. The problem with some K-12 transportation software is that making modifications to an individual student’s schedule is difficult and tedious. Changes can’t be done for upcoming semesters, even though you may already know that a student’s schedule is going to change. Making changes due to vacation, absence or a student leaving a district can only be done at the moment a change occurs. By accessing each student’s schedule on a calendar, you can easily select a day (or days) and edit details in order to accommodate a pre-planned absence or transportation to multiple addresses as can occur in split custody agreements. 

The Calendar-based Advantage: 

Busology Tech features calendar functionality, which is perfect for capturing numerous pieces of information such as multiple addresses. Since all data is integrated with routing algorithms, there is no need for follow-up work to be done by your routing staff. This means that in a single action, a student’s schedule can be set accurately and confidently, well in advance of the actual event. The result is a fast-moving routing system that adjusts easily to changes to a single day, set of days, weeks, and semesters of each and every student’s transportation needs. 

Check out our infographic that shows “How K-12 Transportation Software Benefits Every Stakeholder.” contact us to learn more about our calendar-based scheduling software. 

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