Another Year, Another Win! Busology Tech named Best School Bus Routing Software of 2024 by Forbes

Busology Tech has been recognized as Forbes’s Best School Bus Routing Software for three consecutive years (2024, 2023, and 2022). This recognition serves as evidence of our dedication to offering cutting-edge software solutions for K to 12 student transportation. Busology Tech’s routing and scheduling solutionĀ for K to 12 has been recognized for its feature-rich, trustworthy […]

4 Ways Transportation Software Simplifies Field Trip Planning!

Field trips are an exciting part of the school year and provide an opportunity for students to experience learning outside of the classroom and create lasting memories. However, field trip planning can be a logistical nightmare for school transportation administrators since it involves a great deal of coordination, communication, and care. Fortunately, good transportation software […]

A Brief History of School Buses: A Trip Down Memory Lane

History of School Buses The history of school buses is a long and fascinating one. From horse-drawn wagons to motorized vehicles, the design and technology of school buses have undergone significant changes over the years. Despite this evolution, safety has always been a top priority for school buses. This blog explores the rich history of […]

How Tablets For School Bus Drivers Are Transforming Student Transportation

Transporting students to and from school safely is a top priority for parents and school districts. With technology transforming the landscape of this crucial process, tablets for school bus drivers have become essential. In this blog, we discuss the impact of these devices on student safety, explore the benefits of technology in school transportation, and […]